CRYOSKIN is a non-invasive and non-harmful method of fat reduction, skin smoothing, and cellulite treatment. It also offers skin rejuvenation, improved circulation, and creates the appearance of younger skin with fewer wrinkles by improving the natural collagen production of your bodies own systems. 

Satori is dedicated to bringing you only the highest standard of care and we believe the technology of Cryoskin is just that. 

When Diet and Exercise just aren't enough, there is Cryoskin. 

Less Filter. More You!

Less Fat. More You!

Less Make-up. More You!

Less Chemicals. More You!

Cryoskin is a new technology in fat loss using a device from Paris.

People may lose from 0.5 to 2 inches in 1 treatment. Some will find one treatment is acceptable, others will need a few more session. It is best to allow us to consult with you and determine the most likely number of session. 

It is important to note that this is not a form of weight management. Fat reduction or cell removal should be reserved for areas of the body that are stubborn and are not responding to your own healthy live style attempts. 

If you are wanting to lose weight, we offer an amazing line of natural supplements that have been clinically proven to get amazing results. When combined with a healthy lifestyle you will soon be at your best weight and then you will be able to utilize the Cryoskin technology to reduce the stubborn areas. 


Fat cells happen to be more sensitive to changes in temperature than other cells in your body so, when you put them through the Cryoskin slimming process, the cells are broken or "burst" then they are eliminated through the lymphatic system over the next several weeks. You do often see an immediate reduction in inches, however, the most difference is seen in the first 2 weeks with the final result coming by 6 weeks.

For most people, the best results occur around 5 sessions - the average fat loss was 15-38% in the treated area. We measure the area you would like treated before and after the first session so you can see the immediate impact to inches. We will also take before and after photos because the effect is gradual and the best way to see the real change is with the photos. 

Cryoskin also smooths the appearance of cellulite. This works by cooling the subcutaneous areas of the legs which creates vasodilation or expansion of the blood vessels. This brings in more collagen which helps break down the fibers which create the dimpling.

Cryoskin offers a facial option that has produced results as amazing as botox and some call it a non-surgical facelift. It also creates vasodilation but this time, in the face, which brings in collagen and breaks down fine lines and wrinkles.

Note: Cryoskin cannot be used on your face if you’ve had Botox (1 month) or fillers (3 months) in the last few months.

We use cutting-edge technology to empower you to achieve your goals.   The Cryoskin 3.0 will naturally destroy fat cells, remove cellulite and reduce the signs of aging. 


Still want more information?

CryoSlimming uses thermoelectric cooling to perform cryolipolysis (freezing of the fat) which causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. It is safe, painless and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Similar to other “fat freezing” treatments, Cryoskin is cheaper, painless and less likely to cause bruising than other treatment available. You also do not have downtime as you do with surgical procedures. 

CryoToning is a treatment that uses Thermotherapy which helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Thermotherapy uses cold temperatures to rejuvenate and smooth skin by accelerating biochemical reactions, stimulating the production of collagen and tightening muscles.

Reshaping – Cryoskin Brazilian Butt Lift (French or American Style)- requires 10 sessions, 5 CryoSlimming & 5 CryoToning on your rear, hips, and thighs. This is again is for someone with a typical backside. 



Cryoskin sessions last about half an hour, fitting around you and your lifestyle. You won’t need time off for recovery. In fact, Cryoskin is so convenient, you can even have a session during your lunch break!




Fat cells hate the cold so much, they self-destruct at the degree we use. Cryoskin cools the skin just enough to kill fat cells while improving the quality of your skin. Studies have shown an average fat loss of 15-35% in the treated area. Real results!


Better Value

This cutting-edge technology was developed with salons in mind so treatments are more cost-effective. You do not have the overhead of a doctors office or doctors fees. We deliver safe, effective results at a fraction of the typical cost in a surgeons office. Best value and results!



Cryoskin is completely non-invasive, so there’s no risk of scarring. Cryoskin’s heating and cooling effect have been found to increase oxygen supply, aiding collagen production. No damage, just smoother skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.



CryoSkin 3.0 Slimming


This treatment is the first of its kind in the US and Satori SFHC is one of the first to offer Cryoskin in Kansas. The treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells.

Whether you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you.


CryoSkin 3.0 Toning


If you’re looking to remove cellulite or slow down the aging process this is the treatment for you. This cold therapy treatment will help improve your micro-circulation and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production.



CryoSkin 3.0 Facial

Non-surgical facelift.   Results are seen immediately after one session.

Dramatic results that last weeks or months! We can’t stop the aging process, but the Cryoskin facial helps to stimulate major collagen production, lifts the face, and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Depending on the condition of aging on your face you may need more than one session to see the best results. Please schedule a free consultation to help determine your best package. 


Bring Your Booty Back!

Reshaping – Non-Invasive Cryoskin Brazilian Butt Lift - requires 10 sessions. This consists of 5 CryoSlimming & 5 CryoToning.



Who Qualifies for Services? You should lead a healthy lifestyle of good Diet and at least moderate exercise and have a BMI of 35 or less. Please reference this chart to see if your height and weight qualify you for the BMI of <35. 


What makes the Cryoskin device unique?

The machine is manufactured by a well-respected and innovative company which makes over 40 different medical devices and has been doing so for the last 70 years. It uses a method called the “Peltier Effect” to precisely control the temperature of the Wand (how the cold/heat is applied to the body).

The Cryoskin was launched 5 years ago and is used throughout France. It is currently the most successful non-invasive slimming treatment available in France, the beauty capital of the world.  It was introduced into the US, starting in New York City in 2017.

Who is an ideal candidate?

CryoSlimming is ideal for someone who follows a healthy and active lifestyle but still has some excess fat that they would like to get rid of. It is not ideal for someone who is classified as “Obese” or with a BMI of 35 or higher.

CryoToning is for anyone with cellulite, fine lines & wrinkles or who wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin.

Is it safe?

The device is very safe. In terms of programming and electronics, it is managed by a computerized Windows system. The cooling system is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor located in the processing head of the device and the temperature is controlled in real time by the machine and temperature is displayed on the screen. Please note, however, the Cryoskin machine is not FDA approved. Therefore, it is not a medical device. 

How does it work?

The treatments last for about half an hour and are performed by a trained technician who has passed a certification test and had practice time on multiple live subjects before ever using the system in a clinic setting. The slimming session begins with heat and then cooling and then heat a final time. During the cooling phase, pressure is applied and at the end of the session, you will have a short massage in the area of treatment. The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause what is known as the phenomenon of apoptosis. This phenomenon is triggered when the temperature of the fat tissue is between 17 and 12 ° and causes these cells to die. These cells are then naturally passed through the body through the lymphatic system and urine.

For toning and facials, the session is cooling only. 

How does the treatment work?

The treatment works by triggering the phenomenon of apoptosis of the fat cells. This is achieved without risk to the other tissues (in particular muscular tissue) by the fact that the intracellular electrolytes of the fat cell are the first to crystallize in the cold before all the others. This crystallization is information brought to the cell to program self-destruction. One could say that cryotherapy is a homeopathic treatment specific to the fat cell.

What are the benefits?

Clinical studies have shown that this technology naturally destroys fat cells, but as with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. The expected effect is usually rapid: part of the fat cells are destroyed during the session while the others will be eliminated within 2 to 3 weeks. It has also been proven to help with microcirculation and a significant increase in collagen due to the thermal shock that is caused by the hot and cold.

What are the common results?

Research has shown a 15-35% fat reduction in treated areas. These results were seen over the course of 10 weeks.

 How does it feel?

The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.

Has anyone had serious side effects?

No. (Thousands of clients have been treated from hundreds of Cryoskin devices throughout the United States and Europe with no serious side effects)

Non-serious side effects typically include redness at the treatment area, muscle tension aches at the treatment area, and itching that subsides within minutes to hours. At most, sometimes a few days. 

Who shouldn’t have Cryoskin treatments?

Anyone with the conditions below should not do this treatment:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome (Allergies to cold)
  • People who suffer from very poor circulation
  • Pregnant woman
  • Severe diabetes
  • Severe Liver conditions
  • Cancer
  • Implants in the treated areas, metal or mesh

Is it okay to treat someone with an open wound?

No.  The reason for this is not to pass bodily fluid onto the wand that is used in the session.

Is it okay to treat people after wax/laser hair removal?

It’s best to wait one week after these treatments to make sure the treated areas are fully healed and bodily fluids won’t get on the wand.

Is it okay to have a CryoFacial treatment after Botox or facial implants?

You must wait  for safety purposes after getting Botox (1 month) or facial Fillers/implants (3 months) before you can do a Cryoskin facial treatment.

How often can I have the treatments?

Slimming treatments can be performed once every 2 weeks and toning treatments can be performed every 7 days. There is a physiological reason for this: when apoptosis occurs and some fat cells die, waste is formed. The waste will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system, and the urine). Metabolism must, therefore, be allowed to evacuate this waste without overloading the system. 

Can I exercise before or after the treatments?

Absolutely there are no side effects to this treatment that will stop you working out. Make sure to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.

What do I need to bring?

You can wear or bring comfortable clothes that allow access to the areas where we will be treating.  For CryoFacials we will have to remove your makeup for the best results with the treatment.

What is the difference between this and other Cryotherapy treatments?

There are other manual cryotherapy machines. But tests and experience have shown that no other machine is currently capable of such dramatic results as the Cryoskin. These results are due to the fact that the device does not only produce cold but also heat. The exchange within these temperatures has a dramatic effect on the body’s tissues causing them to drop to 12 ° when fat tissues reach this temperature they die and are passed through the lymphatic system.

Why can I only have the CryoSlimming treatment every 2 weeks?

The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system and then urine. 80% of this is complete in 2 weeks. 

What happens if I have a session before the 2 week gap?

The results may be compromised by the natural cycle of waste disposal and thus increase the risk of clogging the pathways. This does not represent a significant risk but would compromise the results.

Why can I only have 2 areas done at the same time?

Again, to not overload the body’s elimination pathways. There is also strong internal cooling of the tissues and the treating of more zones at the same time could cause in extreme cases hypothermia and fatigue.

What if I want to do my tummy, face, arms and legs, can I do them at the same time?

In our opinion and advice: NO

  • Face and arms in one session
  • Stomach (Slimming) and legs (Toning) in another session

In general, it is always advisable to treat on the upper OR lower body in a session.

Do the legs count as 1 area or 2?

The legs would count as one area because you would divide the time between each leg.

Can I do an area for longer?

We may extend the time when we are working with someone who has a much larger body mass. Pre-programmed treatments were performed on average body surfaces so are effective across a variety of body types.

What will happen if I spend too long in one area?

The treatment could become a little irritated and local hypothermia could cause some transient (not serious) pain.

Are there any side effects?

There are generally no side effects apart from the amount you urinate to increase slightly over the 3 days following the treatment along with the appearance of your urine in color. Some have also noted an odor in the urine a couple of days after treatment this is accounted for by the detoxification of the increase in water consumption and the cells elimination. 

In some cases, there was localized redness that disappeared after a few hours and in rare cases, there was local pain that did not exceed 2 to 3 hours.

There may also be some itching without consequences and often this is due to the reaction of certain cosmetic products used by clients; to avoid the chances of this do not use anything before coming in for treatment.

There were some experiences of delayed onset muscle soreness from treatments on the stomach due to unintentionally engaging the abdominal muscles, again disappearing later that same evening.

Who should do this?

Anyone who has stubborn areas of fat they are looking to spot reduce or remove.


What can I do to maximize the treatment results?

By implementing a healthy lifestyle including a good diet, exercise and keeping hydrated, you can maximize your results.

How long do the results last?

Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle and diet, the results last several months or several years. It is advisable to see how long treatments stay their best on you and engage in booster sessions every month, quarter or as needed!

How quickly will I see results?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatments.

Will the Fat come back?

When you destroy the fat cell it is gone. It doesn't come back. However, if you fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle and your body needs to retain fat, it will find a way. This could be by fill up fat cells in the same area, although if enough cells have been eliminated it is typically done by finding a new storehouse for fat close to the original location but not always. For example, if you get 5 sessions of slimming on your lower belly because it is the only place you have never been able to get rid of fat. Then you are not maintaining a good healthy lifestyle, you may begin to have fat stored above your belly button, or in your sides or hips. Or if you still have cells in the lower abdomen, you may have some fat return. 

It is important to be committed to a healthy lifestyle and not treat this as a weight loss protocol. Truthfully some people never see a change on the actual scale, just on their appearance. 

What is the minimum age for Cryotherapy at Cryoslim?

The minimum age for cryotherapy at Cryoslim is 18 years old. However at Satori SFHC we require the age of 21, only with a special exception will we take someone younger than 21. This is because the body is still forming and changing.