Coming this September you can be part of one of the most important shifts in human evolution a shift of ancestry DNA activation.


Imagine a world where everyone has become familiar with their spiritual being. They have all released the bondage and chains of the ancestral entanglements which held them to the past. The let go of everything that would not allow them to move forward because of fear, hate, cowardliness, unforgiveness or lack. They embraced their own empowerment and love. They discovered their gifts. They lived with joy, contentment, gratitude, some even found they had gifts of sight or knowledge that could help humanity.

This world is within our reach!

What would you do to be able to jump on the human evolution train? To go to that time 5 generations from now when the world is unrecognizably more advanced. What if you could get on a new kind of train, not one that runs of the same fuel we have today. One that has yet to even be built. The one that can circumnavigate the globe in 3.2 seconds. The train that supercharges genetic energy evolution beyond your wildest imagination? Would you buy a ticket if one was offered to you?

This is that ticket!

In this Workshop, you will be working with some of today's most enlightened luminaries to shed the weight that is holding you back from moving your spiritual evolution forward. And as you evolve you also work to help bring evolution to the world as a whole.

This 2 day intensive will be spent diving into your personal ancestral entanglements, creating a path for release and taking the first steps towards unknotting the ties that bind. You will also begin to understand how to recreate and build a new paradigm which will allow you to remain open to the new genetic coding and DNA activations that are transforming within our evolutionary path at an energetic level.

Anyone who has taken a step on to the path to enlightenment will gain something from this workshop and we will have guides on hand to help ensure your journey is as smooth as it can possibly be. Still, this weekend will be a high impact event so be ready to shift. It is best to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for the changes that will be taking place as we dive deep and come back up for air on the other side of the abyss.