• $55.00

Based on the analysis bio-field intervention session will include a personalized treatment path and energized daily water treatment.  It will begin with lying on a table that has a charged mat which works to rid the field of positive ions and address your specific needs, then crystals are applied to the chakra zones and full spectrum crystal lights are used to supercharge each area.

In some cases, an electro-pressure device will be used to open block energy pathways. You will also be relaxing during the session to special brainwave tone and music. The entire energy session will re-set your bio-field and get your running again. During the process, a personalized daily water formula will be created that is in alignment with what you just worked on. By taking this each day, you will work to remind your energetic body what you are intending to create. More perfect health. 

Your session is not confirmed until it is paid. Sessions will be canceled by the end of the day if no payment is made. 

You will receive a payment confirmation notice ensuring your appointment.

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