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This is your wellness starting point and we have built a ton of value into the half day package. Prepare to spend around four hours at the center as we dive deep into your past, current, and future wellbeing concerns. After gathering a solid informational foundation of where we are starting, we will do measurements and find out what your energetic feedback is saying about your current state of emotional and physical wellbeing. This evaluation can take 30 minutes to an hour depending on your history with wellness issues. Based on the baseline we establish we will create your beginning treatment plan. We will conduct an energetic realignment using the best resources offered including personalized and targeted therapies. You will be actively involved in your own self-healing and selection of your best move forward. You may be in wonderful health and only need a nudge in the right direction, while others may be dealing with strong chronic energetic misalignments manifesting themselves through pain, inflammation, and other forms of physical and emotional irritation. Whatever the issue, we will discuss and structure your plan together you can start walking down your self-healing path from a place of power and strength. After this, you will receive your first energetic treatment and we will create for you a personalized Ener-Chi Water Supplement ™. This should take about an hour, we will again sit and discuss. Together we will come up with your next steps; you will be given access to a musical creation based on what your energetic body needs to move into more perfect health. You can use this to sleep or meditate over the course of the next month. We will also come up with a mantra you can use to help remove old programming/mindset/habits that is no longer serving you or create new programming that will serve you better. This package also includes access to a 1-year wellness journal when participants enroll in the total wellness membership plan. After all, you do not go to the gym once and expect to be in shape the rest of your life. 


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